By Alexander Apostolides on April 05, 2009

British Economic History Society Conference

I have been having a fantastic time at the economic history association conference – so many ideas and great names being so accessible. As usual however, there were no economists in attendance (other those who are traditionally involved in economic history). We have so much to give to each other’s disciplines – Bernankie and Romer are both very central to Obama’s administration, and have both been very active in economic history in the past.

And yet when reporters call up to ask if we are facing the great depression, economists, especially theoretical economists, do not seem to re-discover an interest in economic history. Instead the answers given are driven from outdated research. Such a shame that such a great opportunity to re-ignite a mutually fruitful relationship has been missed.

By Alexander Apostolides on April 01, 2009

A very good article on Obama's economic plan

A great article by pro-globalisation nobel price winner and former world bank peresident, Jospeph Stiglitz.Stiglitz argues that the taxpayer is the great looser from the current economic policy in the US.
In the article Stiglitz attacks the presidents economic policy, causing quite a controversy since it is comming from an economist that has great relations whith the Clinton white house.