By Alexander Apostolides on December 08, 2009

The Parking spot of the Government Spokesman

This is not an economic post but it is entertaining - i promise to write one on the economics of insurance soon to make it up to you!

I had to go to 2 government agencies yesterday - and as always the experience was gruelling enough to knock me out for the rest of the day. First up was the Cypriot archive - the only government service that counts 2 working days not counting the one you are in (i.e monday) and not counting Friday. Apparently they go to work on Friday but since that day the archives are closed for the public (lord knows what they do) then it their logic Friday does not count as a working day.

I then went to the Press Information Office (PIO). I loved the new organisation of the newspaper archive and Mr. Demetris there was very helpful. However on my way out i was dismayed to see the scene below. There was not enough space for the cars of the government spokesman, the principal of the PIO and the attorney general right outside the common government building they share. So the solution was simple make one of only two handicapped parking spaces into the parking space of the government spokesperson.

This works perfectly: the government spokesman, the principal of the PIO and the attorney general are almost equidistant to the door. The poor handicapped driver or carer could of course park on the remaining handicapped space.

What happens to the remaining space? Since the press does not have dedicated parking places in the PIO the remaining space was swamped with 2 cars and 3 bikes... the handicapped could of course park on in field, then push themselves up the hill, avoid the park cars, and then ask someone to lift them up the stairs; the ramp was closed by the cars of the press.


  1. alexandre, sou steila prin liges bdomades 2 syntoma minimata me apories sxetikes me afto to blog ki ena oikonomiko thema. ta pires?

  2. Oxi - tha sou steilo email gia na to kameis follow up.