By Alexander Apostolides on December 13, 2009

Posting on the Blog and receiving the Posts as Email

Dear All, This is a more of a housekeeping email / post.

I would like to ask anyone who is receiving this blog by email to know that:
1) they should email me if they want to stop receiving blog updates
2) The email is in my name but as the "Economist of Cyprus" is a collaborative blog some of the postings are of other authors. Thus i would request the authors to sign their posts so interested parties can contact them directly.

To the authors:
1) If you are sending in a blog post by email it is better to remove difficult fonts. If you are using the new word 2007 then just start a blog document rather than a word document in order to ensure compatibility with internet fonts. If it is word document it is better to "cut" the document and then "paste special" in word prior to sending it. Once uploaded one can add the fonts by editing the blog post in the Dashboard.

Thanks and have a nice Sunday,

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