By Alexander Apostolides on December 01, 2009

Why i think the new "Eleutheria" square will be a dissaster

I was in the library of the university of Cyprus when by chance i saw a very glossy book on Zaha Hadid. It was 50 pages of fawning praise on her work the "Car Park and Terminus Hoenheim North". It won quite a prestigious award.

There is no doubt that the terminal is pretty in a hard, concrete, kind of way. In the green expanse in the Hoenheim suburbs, this brings a Teutonic beauty. (OK you guessed it i do not really like it!).
What scares me is that Ms. Hadid's work is all like this - impersonal and concrete. In a city choked full of concrete and in dire need of greenery, baked silly during the summer months by the sun, the last thing we need is more granite, concrete and steel. I worry that we will miss the old "Elutheria square", with its tall trees on the side and the petty vendors in the middle.

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