By Alexander Apostolides on May 26, 2010

The Shareholders of Apoel FC - LTV and KYKKOS are major shareholders

Since there is practically nothing going on in the premier league until after the world cup, I took the opportunity to see the list of the major shareholders of Apoel FC. This is certainly interesting as the club kitty is bursting with Champions League money, and thus it can be in a position to remunerate shareholders.

The list is here:

Some of the most noteworthy names is the fact that Kukkos monastery owns 1.67% of the company. It seems that our Church is not only tax free but it also loves its football!
More serious is the fact that LTV owns the majority share at 8.99%. This is not illegal, but it raises questions about the ability of football teams to bargain their TV contracts when the TV company is a member of the board and owns a substantial part of the company - there are huge conflict of interest considerations that have not been raised before.

If anyone knows if sky sports owns a part in premier league teams please let me know.


  1. Sky did make a takeover bid for Man Utd in 98/99 but it was blocked by the UK competition authorities. I don't think they own a stake in any club now.

  2. Ρε φιλε, τουτο που λες ισως να εξηγα γιατι η διοικηση του ΑΠΟΕΛ μαλλον δεν θα διαλεξει την καλυτερη προσφορα για τα τηλεοτπικα της. (Που δεν την κανει η ΛΤΒ). Τουτο εν κακο για την ομαδα.

  3. Εν τεράστιο κακό. Στην Αγγλία το SKY δοκίμασε να αγοράσει μέρος της Manchester United και αναγκάστηκε να σταματήσει από την επιτροπή ανταγωνισμού. Θα έπρεπε να είναι παράνομο αφού αυτό προκαλεί επικίνδυνες συγκύριες που δημιουργούν μονοπώλια.