By Alexander Apostolides on July 08, 2010

Krguman hits back!

Two great back to back op-ed by an economist that deserved his Nobel price in economics, unlike his president who did not deserve his for peace.

When i met Krugman in 2008 he confessed he was ignorant of economic history, although he appreciated its relevance. Now it seems the recession has made him more aware that history can help us in making better policy decisions.

The first called "the third depression" is a condemnation of IMF sponsored policy in reducing government budgets in the middle of a very serious depression.

The second is a heartfelt attack on the cowardice of congress, who has left the American unemployed with no other alternative than to cheat and steal after their 26 weeks of unemployment relief runs out.

We need a new economist that can put the issues of social fairness back in the agenda.... and personally i would love to see Krugman lead the way.

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