By Alexander Apostolides on August 06, 2010

Another worrying development for Obama - The economists fleeing his economic plans

Blomberg reports that Christina Romer, most notable for reconstructing the GDP of the USA during the Great Depression to tell a more controversial story, has also resigned Obama's economic team and is set to go back to teaching.
Although it is perhaps uncertain if Romer was a supporter the slightly Kenysian "spend spend spend" stimulus package of Barak Obama, the failure of the stimulus package in providing job growth is apparently making academics distance themselves from the effort.
I personally think academics should chose which side of fence - abstract academic thinking or policy making, and once they make their choice they should be made to carry their repercussions through. Oh and on a silly note, Mr. Obama, i am quite happy to take over Ms. Romers position, since i have also reconstructed GDP during the Great Depression.
Happy Holidays Everybody!

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