By Michalis Zaouras on February 22, 2011

Economic revolution, part II

There were some fascinating developments recently with respect to ways to demonstrate and finance a demonstration. As for the first case there has been a new movement in UK, called UK Uncut, focused not with respect some political motives but with respect of the government’s handling of the depression. More specifically they have been criticizing the government’s attitude to finance the exit from the recession by increasing taxes on consumption and income. In other words, they are criticizing the approach that the people should pay for the mistakes and the greediness of the banking sector. However the purpose of this movement is to wake up public awareness with respect to taxes avoidance of the companies. Additionally, the most interesting aspect is the way they protest, they don’t march towards a ministry or occupy a square but instead they peacefully occupy branches of particular multinational companies that have been proven to use accounting techniques to avoid paying taxes, with the most recent example that of Barclays. Notice that some times the movement itself reveals cases of multinationals that are avoiding to pay their taxes. This has as an effect of negative advertisement of those multinationals (enforcing them to take a stand) and at the same time public pressure on the government itself because of the publicity and the amount of tax avoidance that has been revealed. Moreover they use both the growing power of the media and the easiness of access of the internet. For more information please see:

In another case, demonstrators in Wisconsin USA had an interesting development with respect to financing their protest, at least to feel up their bellies. The demonstrators have been protesting against the state’s budget cuts which among other things will remove workers bargaining rights. At some point of the protest the demonstrators called at a local pizza company and asked for left-overs and the company supplied them with. When it became known, orders to the pizzeria to feed the demonstrators were floating in from all over USA and even from other countries like Egypt. As a consequence of that with a right promotion through media or the internet, a protest can be actually financed by international donors making a local issue global. For more information please see:


  1. The problem with these movements is the lack of positive coverage of them in the media. Like Cantona's protest against banks it is simply hidden from view or vilified without justification.

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