By Alexander Apostolides on February 27, 2011

A great article on 3D cinema and television

Another great article from a man I have had the pleasure of getting to know in various events in my old alma matter, Dr Gerben Bakker is a great man to speak to in terms of the entertainment industry, since he knows the history of a sector that often suffers from amnesia.

I saw my first glimpse of 3D TV today (very good high def TV, ps3 blu Ray) and I was very impressed. I have to say I am not a great fan of 3D cinema except if it is in a well equipped IMAX (i.e. the IMAX cinma in Waterloo Bridge).

Dr. Bakker enlightens us on the fact that cinema has been recession prone and really technology is the one that brought its hayday and almost led to it destruction. I do think the 3D TV will take off, but I saw it complimentary rather than replacing the cinema experience. Its development however means that 3D movies will not remain a sage island against lost revenues from illegal downloads... expect that sooner or later copies of 3D movies filmed illegally might still make inflation

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