By Alexander Apostolides on February 24, 2011

PhDs and Wannabes: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and now maybe Christofias

Despite the proven futility of having a PhD degree in life (at least one you have worked at properly for 4/7 years!)as recently shown by The Economist, more and more politicians are being caught red handed in their lies in having a doctoral title. |Most recently the Defense minister of Germany, the flamboyant Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was forced to strip his title as Doctor after it was revealed that not only aspects of his Phd were plagarised, but that it was partially writen by research assistants. His position and career as a politicians are now in doubt.

Before we start laughing at the expense of others lets not forget that only as recently as 2008 the Dean of Business and Economics of the University of Durham, the Cypriot Tony Antoniou, was thrown out of office after he was found guilty of also plagarised his thesis and a journal article.According to sources many politicians in Cyprus claim to have post graduate degrees from prestigious universities, even if they have only been to the said university for a seminar or week long course.

Then there is the case of the President of Cyprus, Mr. Christofias. Many of his CV's claim that he has a Doctorate in historical science from the institute of social science (Academy of Social Sciences of the Soviet Union).

There are several things wrong with this. Firstly Mr. Christofias only resided in Moscow for 4.5 years, during that time he finished his undergraduate degree, his postgraduate degree and his doctorate! What is odd is that one asked to see the President's thesis, and that the so called thesis has never been published in Greek or Russian, despite the fact that as the leader of the largest party in Cyprus and now president, his book would sell and be a adding steeping stone to his campaigns for popularity.

Up to now there hasn't been one journalist that has asked Mr. Christofias about his Phd. Despite being a politician for at least 25 years. I believe that we should ask the academy of social sciences if such a thesis exists, and ask the president how did he manage to achieve so much academically is such an impossible time frame of 4.5 years, while being an active member of the political life of the communist youth movements at the time.

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