By Alexander Apostolides on April 06, 2011


A certain minster recently stayed for over a week in VIP accommodation having VIP treatment, and then donated a bunch of pc to get his picture in the local (and the Cypriot) papers. The cost to the taxpayer.... I let you decide.

In contrast I saw the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus fly economy class from Prague, where I am guessing he spend the weekend (national days do not count if you are in the Euro-system) locked in one meeting or another.

The funny thing is that the minister is a member of an elected government and hence theoretically countable to the voters / taxpayers who foot the bill for his shenanigans, with the unelected bureaucrat (who many in the government have unfairly attacked) is thriftily taking heed of the need to restrain government expenditure. It is not the first time that Dr. Orphanides shows us the way; let us hope that those who we elected will follow him.

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