By Protesilaos Stavrou on December 23, 2011

Peter Economides: Rebranding Greece speech- Some of my thoughts

A few days ago I came across a speech of prolific Greek marketer Peter Economides, on how to Rebrand Greece, in order to make the country once again a respected player in Europe and the world.

By the way, Peter is the person responsible for the Limassol Branding Project, which is of special interest to us Cypriots and especially those who live in the amazing city of Limassol.

On December 18 here is what I tweeted him (on Twitter obviously):
@petereconomides Just watched your speech on Rebranding Greece.Brilliant. Greece needs such views to move on to the future. Congratulations.
He seemed to like my comment as he retweeted it. Well I just spoke the truth, his speech was indeed inspiring.

I suggest you first have a look at his speech and then you can continue reading.

Economides is correct. Zorbas is not the appropriate image for Greece. It reinforces the completely groundless rhetoric of those "lazy Greeks" (I have written an article proving the emptiness of that claim - see here). This does not help the country at all in the Herculean Task it has undertaken to recover from the the crisis in which it is mired for more than 18 months now.

Greece has infinite potential for growth, provided that solid foundations are placed this time and that the sort of mentalities and practices that brought the country to its knees will be abandoned.

The human capital that resides within the country is significant, as the labor force is among the most well-educated in Europe (and the world). In addition Greece is endowed with great riches in terms of natural resources. Apart from the oil and gas reserves that are thought to exist in its seas, Greece is blessed with sunshine that can be exploited in producing great amounts of solar energy. Meanwhile the Aegean Sea is a great source of aeolian energy (wind energy) that can easily be produced, given the many Greek islands that can function as a network of platforms for producing it.

In short Greece can become a thriving energy hub, while its skilled labor can provide great help towards that end.

Also other important regions like Thrace, Macedonia and Crete have a very important role in pushing for prosperity, without excluding other parts of the country like Heperus, Thessaly, Peloponnese and the Ionian Isles.

Finally there are cultural ties between Cyprus - Greece - South Italy that can also be used to benefit of all three regions. The Griko people in Southern Italy who speak an archaic Greek dialect blended with Latin influences, oddly enough can communicate quite well with the Greek-Cypriots who also use a distinct Greek dialect that has many influences directly from the ancient Greek language. In short culture can work just fine in promoting the common (but still diverse) characteristics between these peoples, with all benefits that can result out of such an initiative.

So yes Peter Economides has a very good point to make. It is how Greeks think of their selves that matters first. Rebranding Greece - rebranding the Greeks themselves is essential in moving on to a better future. Greece is not a bankrupt nation.

Protesilaos Stavrou Notebook

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