By Alexander Apostolides on April 08, 2012

In disgust: Against the the violent eviction of the Occupy the buffer zone movement

I love the Cypriot Occupy movement. I do not understand their goals, actions and methods of organization, but i love the fact that they are trying, and that they have achieved something that no one has done in 40+ years in Cyprus: they turned the "dead zone" alive, without being driven or directed by nobody.

The violent raid by Cypriot police on the night of the 6th resulted to 2 serious injuries and 26 arrested of persons who are peace protesters. The videos are disgusting - it shows armed police not only arresting people without a warrant, who were not resisting arrest, but intentionally destroying their lodging, and ransacking their collective property.

Dr. Trimikliniotis has recently written on why the action was illegal and against even the principle of the rights granted by law. And yet the mainstream media has remained silent; media (both private and RIK) who know to listen to their masters voice, and hence they refused to shine the light on self organised groups trying to change Cypriot realities.

This island deserves a better, less directed future. WE are all victims of this raid.
Dr. Alexander Apostolides, European University of Cyprus

By Alexander Apostolides on April 02, 2012

Change of DATE: Invitation to Talk: The EU and Development cooperation 8:30-11:05 on Thrusday 26th of April 2012


The Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance, University of Cyprus

As part of the ECO340 course "Economic Development and Growth" we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Mr. Jonas Frederiksen, Special advisor, EU external relations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cyprus. Jonas specializes on relations with developing countries, humanitarian aid and in particular Africa, Caribbean, Pacific.

Jonas will be speaking on the development assistance within the EU, and will be accepting questions on any issue surrounding EU and development assistance to third world countries.

We would like to invite anyone interested to come and join us in a presentation by Jonas, followed by an informal discussion.

The presentation will take place in Room 228 (old building) 8:30-11:05 on Thursday 26th of April 2012 at the European University of Cyprus.

Persons who would want to come can call Dr. Alexander Apostolides on for directions.

Best Regards,
Alexander Apostolides

Short Bio,
Mr Mr. Jonas Frederiksen, is a special advisor, EU external relations at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cyprus. He has previously worked as a Development Expert at Polish, Czech and Hungarian EU Presidencies as well as being a technical advisor at the European Commission. His knowledge of issues of development is extensive, have been a Programme officer at the European Centre for Development Policy Management.