By Alexander Apostolides on July 20, 2012

No. 7 reason why Laiki bailout as it happened was a bad idea...

A quick thought occured:
Thought of the day: 1.8bn given to Laiki divided by aprox. 300 thousand households: average household cost (or to be correct forced investment) is 6,000 Euros!

I would want direct ownership for so much of my family's investment thank you very much...
For 6,000 euros I want and need full ownership thank you very much - and heads rolling in all positions, perhaps even a cull of the whole risk assessment division of the bank as it is clearly a joke.
If the banks took such risks by acting as helpers to startups then i would be more willing to support them. They lost so much money by refusing to believe WHAT EVERYONE WAS SAYING - that Greece was in a mess and a haircut was the only way forward.
I found the a few slogan:
Risk Assessment division of Marfin- Doing more damage than Mari!
Risk Assessment division of Marfin- Watering hot containers in the sun for you.
Risk Assessment division of Marfin- We help the environment by buying all the Greek toxies

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