By Alexander Apostolides on August 09, 2012

Bill Clinton Speech in the EUC: A great example of good oratory and common sense policies

I loved the Clinton speech in Cyprus in my university. It showed the attitude of "do it don't just talk about it" Which is missing in Cyprus- the island seems to be in the zone of "talk about it but don't do it".

My highlights were the three excellent questions of three of my students, George Tofa, Marios Papanicolaou and Nadira Slamova, which I felt that Clinton did not answer Nadira's question in order not to damage Obama.
Other highlights of the speech included his deep understanding of the interdependence of nations, a matter very dear to my heart after working in the Economic interdependence of all Cyprus.
Clinton highlighted the risks of greater interdependence (which he sees as a highly positive force)as environmental, unequal spreading of income and unequal spreading of risks. Very interesting was his innate understanding of rates of return - he suggested to get some unemployment down by painting roofs white in the summer and the rate of return in lower electricity bills will be almost immediate.

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