By Alexander Apostolides on August 21, 2012

Things that are cheaper than the Laiki Bailout: No.8 Sending a rover to Mars

Ok we do not have the exact cost of the curiosity rover (somewhere from 1.6 to 2 billion euros) but it pretty amazing that what we will give to 1 bank in Cyprus is more or less enough to employ hundreds of scientists for years.

This video shows how amazing a technological feat is the curiosity rover more correctly known as the Mars Science Laboratory. It is a work that will defy our generation in terms of space exploration and has led to scientific discoveries and amazing leaps in science and technology, employing thousands of people. They developed a sci-fi sky crane to land it- how cool is that!

So would you prefer that the rover was Cypriot - broadcasting "Ta riallia Riallia Riallia" to Mars rocks rather than bail out bankers wealthier than us?

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