By Alexander Apostolides on January 22, 2013

The excellent ideas of social enterprise: Nick Moon, Kickstart, and the 2013 Cypriot Kapuscinski lecture

Development does not have just one narrative, but many. Mr. Moon knows the narrative of aid as a project that ends and people leave the infrastructure to rot away, or of large scale capital infrastructure. With his fellow entrepreneurial colleagues he chooses a better route--> use the profit motive to ensure development success.

He sells water pumps and irrigation systems for African farmers that are efficient to use with just manpower. Any profits go to the development of biological fertilizers suitable for the fertile and wet conditions of most of Sub-Saharan Africa. The most exciting speech I head for a while.

As soon as I have time I will email Mr. Moon: his social enterprise (Kickstart) is doing currently more to help poor farmers rise out of poverty than ambitious energy generation plants on Lake Kivu run by multinationals.
I want to thank CYINDEP for originizing such an enjoyable night. You can see the site of the event here.

I want to thank

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