By Alexander Apostolides on February 18, 2013

A run-off in the Cyprus presidential elections: My presentation of what the Cypriot President needs to do

Last week i was asked by a Swiss Forex bank to make an online presentation about the Cypriot elections. I countered saying that the issue should be in what the new president needs to do in the first 100 days of being in office. Now we are into a second round of elections, making the 100days prediction accurate (if we had one round, the president would have 106 days to solve our immediate problems).

I enjoyed the on-line experience. Watch me loose it 1/2 times as background sounds from my office distracted my thought process. Also despite being conntected to the University network, the line was laggy. It is amazing that Cyprus thinks we need investments in roads, when really we need better ports and better optic cables linking us to cheaper and higher on-line speeds.


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